At Interbrands Packaging we prioritize sustainability, that´s why we have developed a complete line of biodegradable food containers that are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

Ideal for takeaway and restaurant use, we supply a range of standard sizes that can be custom printed with your logos, brands and marketing messages made from corrugated cardboard, solid board or folding carton, they can withstand high temperatures and insulate the food product for maximum heat retention.

Cold Beverage

6.5 OZ.
7 OZ.
8 OZ.
12 OZ.
16 OZ.
21 OZ.
32 OZ.
44 OZ.

Hot Beverage

4 OZ.
8 OZ.
9 OZ.
12 OZ.
16 OZ.


Mini Bucket 44 OZ.
Bucket 85 OZ.
Bucket 130 OZ.
Bucket 170 OZ.
Container 8 OZ.
Container 12 OZ.
Container 16 OZ.
Container 35 OZ.

To-Go Packaging

Small To-Go Box
Medium To-Go Box
Large To-Go Box
Burger Clamshell
French Fries Small & Large

Custom Made Packaging

We improve production efficiency and distribution.

Proper structural packaging design needs to address everything from strength and product protection to brand representation, functionality, on-shelf presentation and container loading efficiency.

Our engineers design packaging solution that protects and displays the product to its best advantage. Also, our right sizing expertise allows our customers to fit more products in the shipping container and on their shelves.

Biodegradable Food Containers

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