Sustainable Commitment

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At Interbrands Packaging we create molded pulp products from renewable raw materials:

Recycled paper. In other words, to manufacture them in a way that we do not generate CO2 emissions; In addition to the fact that the products have a capacity to biodegrade in 180 days as soon as they are disposed of, which allows us to be a sustainable company that safeguards the environment and generates a positive impact on the issue of waste disposal.

As part of our sustainable commitment, we believe that it is possible to develop a first-class industry by listening to our customers, respecting the quality of life of our employees taking care of the maximum resources, always with the priority or minimizing our impact on operations to protect the environment.

In this way, when you purchase the products created by Interbrands Packaging, you have the confidence that you choose packages with awareness towards the whole environment.





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