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Molded pulp packaging offers many environmental benefits as they are manufactured from recycled fibers and newspapers, therefore 100% recyclable and compostable.

Our molded fiber products can biodegrade within 180 days as soon as they are discarded, generating a positive impact on waste disposal. We specialize in the production of protective molded pulp trays of different designs and geometries for a wide variety of products, from electronics to candles, consumables and more.


All the materials that go into our pulp come from 100% post-consumer waste.


  • Materials are 100% biodegradable

  • Produced with 100% post-consumer waste

  • Minimal energy used in manufacturing process




When it comes to strength, flexibility and durability, molded pulp clearly outperforms the competition.


  • Superior protection from vibration and shock

  • Absorbs impact

  • Soft surfaces reduce abrasions

  • Stack ability reduces storage space and eases transport

  • Configures to any simple or complex shape



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