Interbrands Packaging is an authorized distributor of E6PR™

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Interbrands Packaging is an authorized distributor of E6PR™ in the US. The E6PR™  (Eco Six Pack Ring) is made from fiber by-product waste, designed to replace plastic rings, which are truly damaging our environment.



The eco rings are compostable and biodegradable. Depending on the ecosystem, it may take the E6PRs up to 200 days to fully degrade or compost. The disintegration of E6PR’s in the ocean and on land are contingent on certain factors such as movement, salinity, temperature, humidity, soil composition, etc.

E6PR is working with nano, micro, mid, and large beverage companies globally, to help them transition to plastic-free packaging with 4-packs and 6-packs and sleek 4 packs, and join the movement to get rid of plastic.



Our materials

Our raw materials come from natural fibers are part of the by-product waste of the Food & Beverage Industry.



E6PR™ promotes a circularity that strives for a zero-waste lifestyle.

The E6PRs are certified as biodegradable according to EPA 796.3200 1995 standards. They are also a bio-based product in line with ASTM D6866-18 Method B (AMS) requirements.

A toxicity test by Avomeen Analytical Services certifies that our products have no pesticides nor volatile substances, and fewer heavy metals than milk.



Collaborating with you

We have several solutions for the application process: from the Manual Press Applicator that works up to 60 cans a minute to automated applicators that will work from 100 to 720 cans a minute.


Sturdy and durable

– Water Resistant: Six pack will start to loosen after 90 minutes under ice water.

– Jolt test: We carry out a jolt test to validate the strength of the cans while shaking them in two defined conditions:

  • 60 cycles per minute and a 2¨ of drop height
  • 90% humidity and 90ºF


The national average for natural high-density polyethylene (HDPE) from curbside collection programs continues to reach new highs. It is now at an average of 108.19 cents per pound.

This compares with 106.34 cents last month. Several regions are reporting prices currently around 110.00 cents per pound. The price was 48.00 cents one year ago.

The national average price of color HDPE is also up again. The plastic is now trading at 58.00 cents per pound, up from 56.78 cents last month. This compares to 4.44 cents this time last year.



At present, more than 400 brands from 24 countries in four continents are taking a stance for our planet using E6PR™ for their products.

Recent studies have shown a growing consumer demand for sustainable products. For this reason, currently, many companies are performing circular economy strategies to provide benefits to their environment.

You can shop E6PR™ directly here, in our online store.

Also, if you are interested in other biodegradable solutions as molded pulp custom projects, or food and drink containers, please contact us here or check out our social media platforms if you need more information.




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