Black Molded Pulp Packaging

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January 2022- Interbrands Packaging introduces a new green solution but in different color. Yes, now black is the new green. Our new biodegradable solution it’s a fine finished molded pulp packaging created to bring protection and good presentation to your products. It can be used to pack and protect high-end products and for retail ready purposes. Also, it has the particularity of being an eco-friendly option against traditional plastic-made solutions.


Since over the last few years, companies started to look for sustainable ways to pack, protect and transport their products. The main reasons are the global trend to reduce the carbon footprint and the countries regulations to restrict and eliminate single-use plastic. In addition, consumers have increased their concern about climate change, and they demand companies with a high level of consciousness about this problem too.


Interbrands Packaging has bast experience  producing eco-friendly packaging solutions for a large variety of industries. Now we bring biodegradable black packaging made from molded pulp to protect the quality of your products and give a plus of exclusiveness to their display on the retail while still being sustainable.



Black Molded Pulp Benefits

• Environmentally Friendly
• Produced with 100% recycled paper and cardboard
• Recyclable and Compostable
• Custom Design Projects
• Biodegrade in 180 Days

Egg Cartons

• 6,12 and 18 egg trays
• Strong and durable
• Biodegrade in 180 Days

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Molded Pulp is made from water and cardboard, newspaper or a combination of both. When mixed together, they form a sustainable material which is shaped, pressed and dried.  These materials give a new life to surplus paper and reduce the amount of virgin paper we use to zero.

Found in the medical, produce, electronics, automotive, industrial and horticulture industries, molded pulp is a multi-purpose material. Its recyclable and compostable nature allows Interbrands Packaging to help eco-conscious business replace their current non-recyclable plastic packaging.


If you’re looking to replace your packaging into a more sustainable solution, please contact us at  (832) 521 3713 or send us an email to and a sales representative will contact you.


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