Interbrands Packaging at VIFAC’s Golf 10th Anniversary

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Interbrands Packaging participated as a sponsor of the VIFAC‘s Golf 10th Anniversary. This philanthropic tournament was celebrated in Monterrey, Mexico, the last August 23. It was organized to fundraise for pregnant women and their babies in vulnerability.



VIFAC’s goal is to support pregnant women in crisis, who face an unexpected pregnancy and require help and proximity to move on with their children and achieve better living conditions. 

Other sponsors of the event were Gruma, Holiday Inn, Arca Continental for example.

As part of our social responsibility, Interbrands Packaging actively participates in altruistic events in support of civil associations. We consider that society and businesses must collaborate for supporting good causes in their communities.



Aware of climate change, Interbrands Packaging constantly continues increasing its portfolio of ecological products. We have different biodegradable solutions as food containers, plates or cup trays that can help your business to minimize the impact their packaging has on the environment. Please contact us here or check out our social media platforms if you need more information.


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Phone MX: +52 81 3402 0440




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