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New Biodegradable Eco Cooler

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Interbrands Packaging brings the new biodegradable Eco Cooler, a sustainable option to keep cool your food and beverage. It’s made out of reusable plant-based fiber to substitute the Styrofoam coolers that degrade in centuries and release dozens of dangerous chemicals … Continued

Interbrands Packaging at VIFAC’s Golf 10th Anniversary

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Interbrands Packaging participated as a sponsor of the VIFAC‘s Golf 10th Anniversary. This philanthropic tournament was celebrated in Monterrey, Mexico, the last August 23. It was organized to fundraise for pregnant women and their babies in vulnerability.     VIFAC’s … Continued

Our New Biodegradable Project for Miche Mix

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Sustainable packaging is a top priority for many brands that aim to eliminate single-use plastics and redesign packaging to be recycled, reused or composted. The pandemic has given brands time to step back and take a good look at the … Continued