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Revair New Biodegradable Packaging

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At Interbrands Packaging we seek sustainability as the basis of all the projects we develop. We collaborated with Revair a global leader in the hair dryers industry, in redesigning their packaging into a eco-friendly solution.      The challenge  Given … Continued

New Biodegradable Eco Cooler

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Interbrands Packaging brings the new biodegradable Eco Cooler, a sustainable option to keep cool your food and beverage. It’s made out of reusable plant-based fiber to substitute the Styrofoam coolers that degrade in centuries and release dozens of dangerous chemicals … Continued

Interbrands Packaging at the 2021 Texas Craft Brewers Festival

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Interbrands Packaging – On October 23 , Interbrands Packaging and E6PR participated as a Green Room Sponsor in the Texas Craft Brewers Festival in Austin, Texas. Organized by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild,  the festival featured 90 Texas craft breweries & more … Continued