Sustainability Trends for 2023

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For 2023, experts have identified some sustainability trends that will drive further business transformation to create value, manage risks, and reconfigure industries and entire systems to ensure we respect our planetary boundaries and create a more inclusive and resilient economy.


These tendencies are a consequence of the consumer’s request to create action plans to mitigate human influence on the climate and on nature.


New performers in businesses will power data-driven sustainability

The new generation of business owners and leaders care deeply about the environment and are striving towards more sustainable and equitable business practices. These digital natives are willing to take a more data-driven approach to lead the way toward a net-zero future.



Luxury developing sustainable working processes

The luxury industries continued during 2022 to accelerate innovation towards greater sustainability. The automobile, fashion, and jewelry sectors have been working in reversing affections on the environment. Luxury actors have come to realize that they need to collaborate to shift to a positive impact.


New regulations drive sustainability strategy

In a few years, almost all companies around the world will have adopted mandatory sustainability reporting standards – either because they were obliged to by law or because they can no longer resist stakeholder pressures. Organizations should take these regulations as an opportunity to prioritize sustainability even more as a key component of their strategies.



Cooperation to enable the circular economy

Collaboration within and outside ecosystems in circular economy solutions is key to reaching benefits that organizations cannot achieve on their own. Businesses are working on multi-stakeholder innovation for reducing costs for players, surmounting obstacles, and advancing solutions adoption.


AI: an ally for sustainability

AI can help with a better conservation of natural resources through better prediction, managing agricultural yield, or managing the demand and supply of energy in energy grids. Also, moving to a cloud service provider that has made environmental commitments may help organizations reduce their own carbon footprint.

These are only some sustainability trends for 2023 that companies will follow during the next months. The factors, that are involved in these tendencies, will continue changing and new opportunities will appear in different industries. With this evolution, businesses need to play a proactive role in driving their efforts to secure a sustainable and inclusive future for the next generation.


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