Revair New Biodegradable Packaging

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At Interbrands Packaging we seek sustainability as the basis of all the projects we develop.

We collaborated with Revair a global leader in the hair dryers industry, in redesigning their packaging into a eco-friendly solution. 



The challenge 

Given the global growth in electronic commerce, Revair was looking for a new way to protect and transport its products. One of the main concerns was that this new packaging has to be sustainable and made from recyclable materials. 

The solution 

Interbrands Packaging was selected among other suppliers to transform their current packaging into an environmentally friendly solution made from molded pulp. The process began with the structural design and finished with the mass production. Our design and engineering team analyzed the product and developed the mold that could  meet the characteristics that the product required for its packaging. 
After that, samples and laboratory tests were taken to validate that the new packaging could indeed protect and transport the hair dryers adequately. At the end in the production stage, different aspects of drying and pressing were considered so that the packaging would have the necessary resistance to protect and transport the dryers. 

“One of the main challenges we had was the structural design, given that the product has many cavities and different volumes, the solution should cover all these needs. Different cavities, slopes, padlocks and bridges were considered to adequately protect the product. Always having in mind the eco-friendly specifications that the client requested”

Ing. Noe Collazo Interbrands Packaging 


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