Interbrands Packaging at the 2021 Texas Craft Brewers Festival

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Interbrands Packaging – On October 23 , Interbrands Packaging and E6PR participated as a Green Room Sponsor in the Texas Craft Brewers Festival in Austin, Texas.
Organized by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild,  the festival featured 90 Texas craft breweries & more than 200 handcrafted beers available for sampling, plus food trucks and live music.
This event is considered the largest celebration of small and independent Texas craft brewers anywhere.


¨As a new member of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, we are thrilled to participate in events that will help us to connect with the statewide industry in many meaningful ways. We want to get the Texas Craft beer community excited to be part of the solution to the plastic waste concern by joining more than 400 breweries that have switched to the E6PR rings, looking for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.  

There is a misunderstanding about recyclable plastics, but the harsh reality is that most of the plastics can’t and won’t be recycled. Less than 10% of all the plastics discarded, get recycled.


Not only does E6PR offer a compostable solution, but a smart design with materials that perform under high humidity and low refrigeration temperatures, holding the cans firmly. It also offers a range of application solutions, from small manual presses to automated applicators capable to pack 720 cans per minute. The E6PR rings are a solution for every size brewer willing to change for a better future.¨

Karla Arana –

IBP I E6PR Business Development 

Interbrands Packaging is an authorized distributor of E6PR™ in the US. The E6PR™  (Eco Six Pack Ring) is made from fiber by-product waste, designed to replace plastic rings, which are truly damaging our environment.

The eco rings are compostable and biodegradable. Depending on the ecosystem, it may take the E6PRs up to 200 days to fully degrade or compost.

IBP I E6PR is working with nano, micro, mid, and large beverage companies globally, to help them transition to plastic-free packaging with 4-packs and 6-packs and sleek 4 packs, and join the movement to get rid of plastic.

For E6PR corporate sales and holistic packaging solutions, please contact

Karla Arana 

IBP I E6PR Business Development


Phone US: + 1 (832) 521 3713

Phone MX: +52 81 3402 0440

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